Priorities matter in 2018.

As you begin the new year, what are your priorities for 2018? 

Reading through Scripture, we find that God's priorities for us are often not our priorities for us. We may focus on eating less food and saving more money this year, but God wants you to focus on worship. He wants you to prioritize him in your life this year.

In John 4, Jesus Christ sits down at a well in Samaria and talks to a woman about worship. As you read the story, it is evident that the woman does not want to talk to Jesus about worship. Honestly, she does not want to talk to Jesus about anything. She has had five husbands and the man she is with currently is not her husband. She is intent on avoiding people because of her shame, but Christ is intent on changing her life. Christ is intent on teaching her about worship.

He tells her that God is seeking men and women who will worship him. God is seeking people that put him first rather than money, family, success, or personal advancement. We learn from this passage that God is actively looking for individuals who are living for him rather than living for temporal things.

In 2018, the Triune God is seeking people who value him and have him as their priority in life. Resolutions to eat better, save more money, and travel more are good things, but God is less concerned about your diet, IRA, and travel plans than he is about his place in your life. 

God is searching for people in 2018 who will make him their priority. As you begin the new year, what are the priorities of your life? Or perhaps a better question is, WHO is the priority in your life?

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